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5 Jaw-Dropping Luxury Safari Camps in the Serengeti

Discovery+ let us virtually travel to the majestic Serengeti through their ground-breaking docuseries “Serengeti”, and now the show has returned for a second run with “Serengeti II”. Once you’ve devoured the new series (hungry lion style) and rewatched the original (every episode is now streaming on discovery+) you might be left wanting to see it all in real life with a visit to Serengeti National Park. For the safari trip of a lifetime, check out these five fabulously luxurious Serengeti safari

How to Plan a Serengeti Safari

If you binge-watched all of “Serengeti” during quarantine, a Serengeti safari is probably now at the top of your bucket list. Serengeti National Park is one of the best places on earth for a safari—the park’s 5,700 square miles of territory teems with wildlife. With over 4,000 lions, 1,000 leopards, 550 cheetahs, and 500 bird species calling the Serengeti home, you’re pretty much guaranteed spectacular wildlife sightings here.

7 Reasons Why Anchorage Is the Best Base for Your Dream Alaska Trip

This post is sponsored by Visit Anchorage. Alaska is incredibly large (it’s bigger than Texas, California, and Montana combined) and full of a diverse range of cultural activities, outdoor adventures, and amazing scenery. Planning a vacation to the biggest state can feel a little overwhelming—how do you pack all that Alaska has to offer into just one or two weeks? Chances are when you picture Alaska, you think of glaciers, wildlife, and natural beauty—which means you’re thinking of Anchorage.

Travel Smarter, Ship Your Luggage With ShipGo

Airlines mishandle or lose nearly 3 million pieces of luggage annually. The best way to ensure your baggage arrives at your destination when you do? Ship your luggage ahead. Picture this: You’re all packed and ready to go on your trip. Before your departure, ShipGo arranges to have your bags picked up from your doorstep. You breeze through the airport baggage-free and arrive at your destination to find your suitcases already waiting for you.