A Land of Legends and Love

The candy-like sweetness of a wild strawberry plucked from a mountainside trail. The bracing sensation of a shot of homemade pine schnapps as it warms you from the inside atop a breezy summit. The syrupy redolence of honey crafted by the bees buzzing gently around you. Slovenia’s national tourism slogan is “I feel sLOVEnia,” but it should be “I taste Slovenia,” because the tastes of the country will linger with you long after you leave.

How to Check for Hidden Cameras in Your Hotel Room or Vacation Rental

It’s a horrifying scenario—finding a hidden camera in your hotel room or vacation rental. And unfortunately, it’s also a recently emerging trend as more and more people report this invasion of privacy. One 2019 survey found that a whopping 11 percent of respondents had found a hidden camera in an Airbnb. Protect yourself by learning how to check for hidden cameras in your vacation rental or hotel room.

What Type of Flyer Are You?

There are only eight types of flyers on a plane. Which one of these are you, and which one is your least favorite type to sit next to? The One With the Blank Stare This person didn’t pack any entertainment and is just staring straight ahead the entire flight. Are they keeping the plane aloft with the power of their mind? Are they an air marshal? Are they sleeping with their eyes open? It’s an in-flight mystery that will never be solved.

5 Creepy Holiday Traditions Celebrated Around Europe

Many holiday traditions in the U.S. probably seem weird from an outside perspective. For instance, trampling our fellow citizens to get a cheap deal on Black Friday, dragging a tree indoors to decorate, and gathering around in the cold with thousands of other people to watch a silver ball slowly drop a few feet. But some holiday traditions that are celebrated in Europe seem downright creepy to us. Here are some of the strangest holiday traditions from around Europe.

7 Ooey Gooey Cheesy Foods Worth Traveling For

Is there any ingredient more drool-worthy than cheese? If you’ve ever been tempted to fly to Italy just for a slice of pizza, you’ll want to read on, as I reveal where it’s appropriate to order an entire plate of melted cheese for dinner. Be warned: The siren call of cheesy foods might just have you buying a plane ticket. From bread boats carrying cheese to flaming fromage, here are seven cheesy foods worth traveling for.

This Sneaker-Hiking Boot Hybrid Is the Most Comfortable Shoe I've Hiked In

Some people might think the best moment of a hike is the triumphant feeling of reaching the summit. For me, it’s always been the minute I finally get back to the car and can rip my uncomfortable hiking boots off my feet. Then I discovered a new sneaker/hiking boot hybrid, the Merrell Bravada Mid Waterproof, and I don’t think about my feet or my boots at all anymore—the ultimate comfort compliment.

America’s 10 best farm stay vacation rentals

You won’t see many people at these American farm stay rentals, but you will see lots of friendly fluffy faces – animals like alpacas and baby goats, are part of the package deal. Don’t expect to be sleeping in the barn or waking up at the crack of dawn to milk the cows, as these working farms have added luxurious accommodations for guests who can pitch in as much (or as little) as they like during their stay.

Rothy's Lace-Up Sneaker: The Perfect Little White Shoe

To make up for my serious lack of steps during quarantine, I’ve started a daily lunchtime walk ritual around my neighborhood. Since this is sometimes my only interaction with people outside my house for the day, I make it a point to wear real clothes and try to look cute. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for me to realize that most of my current stylish shoes aren’t up for walks of 30 or more minutes, bringing on blisters and heel pain.
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